Absent Or Lost Engine Serial Numbers

Absent Or Lost Engine Serial Numbers


Hi individual parts individuals, specialists, truck drivers, or any other individual who is encountering the migraine of a lost or missing motor sequential number. In the event that you understand this, odds are you have visited the web searching for such mack truck accessory data. Trust me, I have done likewise. Not a mess out there will be there? Along these lines, I chose to take it upon myself and do the examination and post something that I expectation will be useful for somebody.


Initial a little history concerning what provoked this article. I am utilized by potentially the best truck business in the land. We in the administration division have many, many armada accounts that we deal with. One of our records has an International lightweight flyer. A lightweight flyer is fundamentally a taxi and edge rails. The motor, drivetrain, and back axles all originate from another giver truck. Kind of much the same as building a major model. This specific truck was hitched to a 8.3 liter Cummins midrange motor and a 6 speed trans. Whoever set up this truck fail to record any data with respect to motor, what sort of a truck it came out of, and so forth. Obviously, the motor is a bad dream to discover parts for. I looked through the web in vane, yet could’nt concoct anything strong to draw from. Thus, this article. Release me through the various motors and offer with you what I have found.


Caterpillar – The standard spot to discover the motor S/N is on the valve spread motor information tag. In the event that this is missing, Cat is genuine acceptable at stepping the S/N on the correct side close to the back of the motor. I don’t have the foggiest idea whether this applies to all the motors, yet I know it’s there for the huge bores.


Cummins – The motor information tag is bolted to the front extra drive spread on the drivers side of the motor. This is additionally where the basic parts list number or CPL will be found. On the off chance that this is absent, on the huge bore motors, Cummins stamps the motor S/N on the correct side of the square close to the oil cooler. Presently the awful news, the little bore motors – 3.9, 5.9, 8.3 liter motors, don’t have this stepping. What I do in my circumstance is to take all part numbers noticeable on the motor and addition them into your web cumpas program. A little insight, Cummins wraps infusion lines on the mechanical motors with metal tabs that have part numbers on them. I realize this is an unpredictable mess, however it is a spot to start. Good karma


Detroit – Like Caterpillar, the valve spread is the best spot to discover the motor S/N. I have been out of the Detroit scene for some time now, however I accept that they likewise stamp the number on the square. Arrangement 50 and chiefly arrangement 60 motors are the primary streem for this sort of powerplant. In spite of the fact that there are as yet a large number of the old 8V-72’s out there in transports. Likewise the fuel pincher 8.2 liter is still out there too.

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