Sardine Run 2014 – The Holiday Diary

It’s Sunday morning, the very beginning. The morning timer shows 6.00 am and its signaling makes it clear that it’s an ideal opportunity to get up.

It’s as yet dim outside, the espresso aroma is noticeable all around driving us to the morning meal parlor of the Umkomaas stop; a couple of biscuits fulfill the stomach and prepare us to go.

The hardware is good to go up, the diving liveaboard are on and the vessel is stacked.Rarely to see individuals getting up before sunrise with a grin on the face, yet when your initial arousing envisions two plunges stuffed of sharks, at that point the viewpoint thoroughly changes.

The dispatch with our speedboat is as yet the equivalent: hang on tight, put your feet in the lashes and the bouncing and slalom between the waves kicks the three day weekend.The principal jump is a bedeviled plunge, yet not before having pulled in two or three dozen blacktip sharks around the vessel.

We pack up and with a rollback we are in what looks increasingly like a shark soup then a spot in the Indian sea. The clothes washer drum brimming with foul fish hangs at an eight meter profundity and we’re glancing all around at the blacktips getting insane as they smell the tantalizing sardines.

The subsequent jump is at one of the exceptionally renowned spots, Raggies Cave, consistently on Aliwal Shoal. As the name recommends there are various worn out tooth sharks swimming around, completing their every day undertakings, yet in addition moray eels, turtles and other extraordinary creatures, enabling us to take the ideal shot. Glance in the sand, you may discover a shark tooth to bring home as a trophy! Is the main gift you are permitted to take from the ocean.

Exchanging the request for the plunges, we start with the reef jump, in Cathedral this time. Progressively worn out tooth sharks (additionally called dark attendant sharks by certain), schools of snappers and – welcome! – two or three turtles make the jump.

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