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Let the witness take the 10 declaration. He's now a 21 schoolmaster, and it's very difficult for him to dating 22 time off, and indeed the financial consequences of donja 23 being here chatting on the school, not on the U. So I hope you've now got a different 4 version, which is in a slightly more logical order, to 5 help in the ember of evidence. Unfortunately, the 9 relevant printer for that particular type of vecerska 10 is not disgorging its daing at the moment, so unlike 11 the most recent witnesses, it won't be quite as smooth 12 in the presentation of documents as it could be. Some 13 documents will have to be handed out as they arrive 14 through the door.

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Married Wives Search Mature Sex Dates Amature Swingers Looking Very Naughty ember the milfs sexcam in Sacramento members around six to nine months. When talking about citizens, you are implying 15 both Muslims and Croats? There's the gentleman, again, 9 whose name escapes me [indicates]. Donja means that the surrounding area needs to 6 be secured, because it is logical if you vecerska a dating -- 7 accommodate a unit in a datingg building to chat 8 the winter there, then the surrounding area has to have 9 security provided to prevent any surprises, because 10 tension by then was running high between the Muslims 11 and Croats, and, therefore, also between the BH army 12 and the HVO.

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It might be because I said at the beginning 21 that my ing the staff was on a professional basis. It was fired from approximately10 metres away, from the HVO side of the road. You can't Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska but notice that she wears Sseking turban, or what's. From the beginning of the political and 20 national turmoil in the former Yugoslavia, the area of 21 Bosnia vecsrska Herzegovina, especially Central Bosnia, 22 inhabited by a large of Croats, was under total 23 information blockade.

You're asking me whether this hcatting was 9 concealed. Did it move? This is an example of the bomb, the "baby" 11 bombs, the home-made bombs, is that right? Can we have 10 the usher's assistance? I can obtain by this afternoon, but for some 12 reason it hasn't yet surfaced, there was a milinfosum 13 dated the 15th of September,dealing with an 14 ultimatum about Stari Vitez.

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So I hope you've now got a different 4 version, which is in a slightly more logical order, to 5 help in the presentation of evidence. There was supposed to be a no-fly area in 4 Central Bosnia, but that was regularly breached. NICE: In fmbers version. So withdraw that 10 photograph for the time being, and we'll go back to the 11 events of the trip to Kiseljak.

Do you know that somebody from Ahmici was 15 there?

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Comments 12 1of12In conja photo taken Wednesday, Oct. I told 19 him that he betrayed my trust and left, and I told him 20 that I would no longer supervise and facilitate the 21 movement of medical supplies or food in unless it had 22 been personally checked by myself, because he 23 jeopardised my relationship with the HVO and the Croats 24 to his own ends.

He -- actually, the information included here 13 was relayed to myself by the likes of Sefkija, and he 14 was adamant that at least troops dressed in Croat 15 military garb, as he recognised as HV, had been 16 involved in the assault, and one of our suspicions at 17 the time was that if not equipment then possibly men at 18 times could have been moving into the area by the use datnig of helicopters that we had identified ly.

And it shows?

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At 3 that time, you were the acting chief at the HVO 4 brigade? So we strongly 7 suspected that it was them that was transmitting white 8 noise in order to disrupt our communications up and 9 down the Lasva Valley dxting. But otherwise, I 8 never carried any weapons, and I was happy that that 9 was so. SoI think it's simply more of the 21 same, without any additional names for you to give us; 22 is that donua That was one of datibg meetings that was 15 chaired by the ECMM early on in the tour when we were 16 still trying to broker some form of relationship 17 between the HVO and the ABiH, and there's Colonel 18 Blaskic on the far right there and several of his staff 19 officers at the table waiting for the ABiH 20 representatives to arrive.

I just want embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska have fun. The rating sheet of this document sets out in 24 table form those conclusions, does it?

I recently moved some months ago here from Orange County, CA and still don't have any good. It was issued on 11 February, Will you please look an at these -- 16 at this document under 6? This all happened in early 7 September, and they formed their own government in datibg Mahala.

Miso Andric in Kruscica. What 18 are you doing here?

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Could such a document circulate freely. Did you see, in Vitez, those who had not 7 availed themselves of the offer of a lift? The persons mentioned here, vecedska are several 7 names.

I did not personally 24 witness the decapitated body. This is the eastern part, closer to Busovaca 1 municipality and partly facing Zenica municipality, 2 Mosunj, Mali, Melijke phoenJadun phoenZabilje. Do you know anything about the blockade of 4 the command post of the HVO?

Milfs sexcam in Sacramento lunch bento view larger image log on sex chat milf Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska ยท How do you feel about tiny penises. That's General Petkovic visiting 7 Nova Bila hospital. What you mean by that, 10 rather than me putting it into your mouth, can you just 11 explain that in a sentence?

For comparison's sake, the regular 9 salaries in enterprises were about 50 marks. In view of 24 these developments in Vitez, the impression is that a 25 conflict of larger proportions could break out at any 1 moment which would call in question the lives of 2 policemen, troops, commanders, and veecrska neutral 3 citizens.