Key to Success at Low-Cost NLHE

You probably know that the most popular type of online poker is unlimited hold ’em, the rules of which you can read without any effort. It is not surprising that many have made attempts to calculate this game.

The phrase “board texture” is not the most attractive Slot Joker123 Online Terbesar, but in practice, knowledge of this rule and the ability to determine the texture of the board perform the role of an indicator of belonging to one of two groups of players:

How to play poker online using this concept.

Each opponent’s hand strength has two restrictive barriers that influence decision making:

  1. Opponents consider their hands so reliable that they will not fold them under any circumstances.
  2. opponents consider their hands so weak that they are ready to fold them in response to any minimum size bet on your part.

Closing a flash draw is considered to be the overcoming of the first barrier when some are ready to fold their pocket cards. Suppose a player receives 4222 580f2 3111 805b5. On the river with bets of $ 2- $ 5, he bets $ 300, you call with a raise of $ 1000. Some opponents call, others fold. The deciding factor in this situation will be the size of the stack. If there is $ 200 left in your stack instead of a possible $ 1000, you should not seriously count on folding opponents. The main conclusion that suggests itself in this example can be formulated as follows: the remaining stack and texture of the board can help determine the range of hands that the opponent will never fold, and the spectrum suitable for folding an all-in opponent.

An unimproved ace senior looks extremely weak on such a board, so many players will refuse to call a $ 5 bet if there is such a hand, even if the size of the pot is $ 50 – $ 100.

The presence of barriers should not scare you – everyone has them. However, their incorrect definition by the shorties (more precisely, the expansion of the range) can play into your hands and make your bets profitable. This creates the conditions under which you can force your opponent to call your all-in in a situation unfavorable for him.

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